Friday, October 29, 2010

5th BESETOHA kickoff!

I came back from the Welcome Party held in the Engineer House in Seoul National University. It was a big welcoming event, that I talked to many people. In addition, I also recognized several faces that we've met in the 4th BESETOHA 2yrs ago! Most of them remembered me, and I also remembered them :) That was quite impressive reunion!

View BESETOHA 2010 in a larger map

For the days now on, I'm keeping track myself on my location here, with sometimes uploading photos.

First blogging in Korea

Phew... the long way. We finally moved to the accomodation of Seoul National University called Hoam Faculty House. Due to the delay of PKU students' flight from Beijing, it tooks much time than expected. I feel sorry for SNU students because they looks a bit nervous for managing the schedule. But thanks for welcoming us to Seoul!

Now we're going to participate in the Welcome Party at the Engineer building inside SNU.

Leaving Japan!

Okay, I'm now leaving home! This might be the last I update my location in Japan. See you in Seoul~ :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Location Badge

Where is your friend now? At home, or at school? But when you wanna know where am I, you can easily find me on the right panel of this blog. It’s the location badge.

As the information society grows in a rapid pace these years, not only “what” and “when” of the information are important, but “where” is also getting popular. For example, my visit to Las Vegas, NV two weeks ago, I added the location information where they were taken to some of the photos (like this).

Location Badge

That information is called “geo tag” and consists of the latitude and longitude (or just “LatLng”). It’s not only the photo that you can geotag. For example, you can tweet something with your location like this. Or you can find many services like foursquare and such that use your location.

This time, what I want to mention is Google Latitude. This is the service that keeps track of your location, and let your friends know where you’re now. Also you can know your friends location at the same time. Of course due to the privacy reason, you can strictly limit who can see that; otherwise like me, you also can publish your location badge.

Google Latitude also enables you to see how you spent your time, where you visited or even which airport you used. The dashboard still needs improvements but it's now interesting and eventually the Geo trend will bring you more convenient some day soon.

Dashboard of Google Latitude


As I said in the other day, I’m going to Seoul, Korea from this Friday. The main purpose is just to participate in a choral festival, but we have many side events that our friends in Seoul National University (SNU) are preparing. Actually, I’m also looking forward to exchange many stories among the guys in SNU, PKU (Peking University) and UT (The University of Tokyo).

So today, I worked all the day long to create my name card. Usually when I make a name card or a business contact card, I’d rather simply design the whole things. Maybe I need contact address or phone numbers on them in those formal situation. But this time, I also enjoyed creating my card – uh… you can easily guess how I enjoyed if you see this:

Designing namecard

During the class, even my friends sitting on my back were chuckling to look into my screen. Anyway I’m really looking forward to the days that I give these cards to new friends :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Writing academic papers in English

Academic Paper: It's the essential material with which you start and end your research. Normally, the students (yes, including me) in universities have to read bunch of papers before getting started and write a graduation paper to finish the school. Some of them introduces new views and methods, and others may wrap up the current trends in the fields such as survey articles.

As you easily imagine, most of them are usually written in English, which is a little bit hard for Japanese students. Actually, in just right now, I'm taking the class named "Writing technical papers in English" the compulsory subject for me. In this class, we learn how to analyze your research subject and compile it into an academic paper, based on the published papers as examples.

Here the difficulties for Japanese people to deal with English papers is much more obvious when writing. At least most students can read the English text using a dictionary or a machine translation. But when it comes to writing it, the students are really reluctant to use English. The great language barrier. Writing is much more difficult to non-native.

So what do we need to cope with this situation? Very easy. Write English in usual daylife, like me blogging in English! Okay, me back to the class now :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Start of a new week

By the way, my afternoon sweet :)

The time flies so quickly. Even I thought it was still summer several weeks ago, but it gets colder every day and week. And now already the end of fall!

In this week I’m going to Seoul, Korea for the music club trip. Actually we gonna have a concert on Sunday with Seoul National University (SNU) and Peking University (PKU). It is a tied-up event with the BESETOHA Forum where the principals from 4 universities discuss on the education topic among the Asia-Pacific. The choral festival itself, or to say just concert, takes place every 2 year, and this time in Seoul.

So? I’m a little bit reluctant to do away with my school stuffs this week. Reading upcoming papers? It takes more than a week. Weekly research meeting? Never care, cuz I’m not in the school anyway. English homework…? Ah, I have to do it. The class is tomorrow, still I’m in Japan. *sigh*

I’m really looking forward to flying to Korea~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Launched a new blog.

Yet another blog. I thought I have to create one for a personal use because I'm not one of a kind who maintain their web site regularly. In a sense, blogging is much an easer way for me to write something random, yet not much short for posting on twitter. So? Here is a new blog!