Thursday, October 28, 2010

Location Badge

Where is your friend now? At home, or at school? But when you wanna know where am I, you can easily find me on the right panel of this blog. It’s the location badge.

As the information society grows in a rapid pace these years, not only “what” and “when” of the information are important, but “where” is also getting popular. For example, my visit to Las Vegas, NV two weeks ago, I added the location information where they were taken to some of the photos (like this).

Location Badge

That information is called “geo tag” and consists of the latitude and longitude (or just “LatLng”). It’s not only the photo that you can geotag. For example, you can tweet something with your location like this. Or you can find many services like foursquare and such that use your location.

This time, what I want to mention is Google Latitude. This is the service that keeps track of your location, and let your friends know where you’re now. Also you can know your friends location at the same time. Of course due to the privacy reason, you can strictly limit who can see that; otherwise like me, you also can publish your location badge.

Google Latitude also enables you to see how you spent your time, where you visited or even which airport you used. The dashboard still needs improvements but it's now interesting and eventually the Geo trend will bring you more convenient some day soon.

Dashboard of Google Latitude

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