Thursday, October 28, 2010


As I said in the other day, I’m going to Seoul, Korea from this Friday. The main purpose is just to participate in a choral festival, but we have many side events that our friends in Seoul National University (SNU) are preparing. Actually, I’m also looking forward to exchange many stories among the guys in SNU, PKU (Peking University) and UT (The University of Tokyo).

So today, I worked all the day long to create my name card. Usually when I make a name card or a business contact card, I’d rather simply design the whole things. Maybe I need contact address or phone numbers on them in those formal situation. But this time, I also enjoyed creating my card – uh… you can easily guess how I enjoyed if you see this:

Designing namecard

During the class, even my friends sitting on my back were chuckling to look into my screen. Anyway I’m really looking forward to the days that I give these cards to new friends :)

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