Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Writing academic papers in English

Academic Paper: It's the essential material with which you start and end your research. Normally, the students (yes, including me) in universities have to read bunch of papers before getting started and write a graduation paper to finish the school. Some of them introduces new views and methods, and others may wrap up the current trends in the fields such as survey articles.

As you easily imagine, most of them are usually written in English, which is a little bit hard for Japanese students. Actually, in just right now, I'm taking the class named "Writing technical papers in English" the compulsory subject for me. In this class, we learn how to analyze your research subject and compile it into an academic paper, based on the published papers as examples.

Here the difficulties for Japanese people to deal with English papers is much more obvious when writing. At least most students can read the English text using a dictionary or a machine translation. But when it comes to writing it, the students are really reluctant to use English. The great language barrier. Writing is much more difficult to non-native.

So what do we need to cope with this situation? Very easy. Write English in usual daylife, like me blogging in English! Okay, me back to the class now :)

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