Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Arriving at the airport in Japan

Finally, I got arrived in Japan. The two hours of flight – quite short. So now I’m taking a transportation bus to get back home. In fact, when we say the last farewell to the SNU choir members, I was a little bit crying again, as I was like in the concert. It’s always hard to say see you.

So the visit to Seoul was really short, like a moment of the shooting star twinkles. But anyway, the 5th BESETOHA Choral Festival was really really successful I think. I found there is no border in the music language so we can unite in one atmosphere under the harmony. I remember the words like “In order to make a harmony, no matter what your cultural background is, you firstly have to listen to others.” said some VIP (actually I didn’t remember whose words was that. Might be a conductor or an OB of SNU Choir), and I strongly agree to that. In that meaning, I’m always respectful to the people with different sense of things than me. This time of BESETOHA, not only as a concert, but also as a place to exchange ideas among SNU, PKU and UT, went over with a great success.

Also as a personal success (?) during the event, I got two best chingu (meaning friends in Korean) and the yeoja chingu (haha, a girlfriend!), who I’ve met in the previous BESETOHA! So yesterday we all the chorus members had a big farewell party, and all of us drank too much beer until very late night, even barrels of beer. We chingu shared a lot of talks and our contacts so that even after the event we can keep in touch. I felt like there be no border among us because we’re totally one at that time! Also during that party, she and me were like in a mood to talk about the feeling we share. That is the moment we’ve found we fell in love. I won’t talk anymore about it here, but we talked a lot about many things. Very sweet memory, hehehe… Oh, also many guys of PKU sent many congratulations to us, and that I feel so happy (although a little bit embarrassing for me LOL).

Anyway, now that I get back to Japan, I’ll wrap things up and upload the photos I took.

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