Thursday, November 18, 2010

The day

I go to school by train every day. It takes an hour totally from home to school, but most of the time is actually walking. From my home to the station, changing the train to the train, and from the station to school. And because it's very boring to walk in the same way, time to time, I take a different course on my way home without any thought. Today was also that kind.

I use Tokyo station, which locates at the very center Tokyo obviously. There are so many office buildings (of big and famous companies) and shopping stores (of famous brands imported from overseas). You know what I mean? It's very modern and sophisticated district of Tokyo. Of course I have nothing to do there, and I can't afford to buy anything. But still, just hanging around is very interesting. Especially in November and December, the roads are illuminated beautifully. And you can see Christmas trees at some places.

Marunouchi (丸の内) districtChristmas tree~!

Ah, so today was the 3rd Thursday of November. You know what the day is? It's the day that Beaujolais Nouveau get released on sale. I saw the interesting thing at the convention center near the station.

Looks like a party? There is nothing here usually.

The one night event - the drinking party. It is like the pub outside. Despite I feel a bit cold in the air, people are cheerful in talking. Perhaps they are the people working at the office buildings I saw on the way, and maybe now talking about the day, their work life, or even making fun of their bosses, haha.

Someone singing in a live concert.Yeah, people buying bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau

Did I ought to invite some classmates to enjoy this party, too? mmm... I like to drink wine, but I shouldn't with my classmates :P cuz last time, they drank too much and were almost dying, hahaha. I'll enjoy it at home someday~.

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