Thursday, November 4, 2010

The food in Japan

No one can stop the time passing by. Now that I get back to the normal school days, I really have to think about the school staff despite I’m still like dreaming in Korea. Anyway, I confess that I took the wrong train heading for the opposite direction in the morning, and I was late for the morning class, making me so reluctant to listen to the lecture. After all I was being on the facebook for an hour…

So, actually I was a bit surprised that a school cafeteria in Seoul National University (SNU) was very similar to ours! You purchase a food ticket first, get the tray, pick up dishes, and go take a seat. The only difference here might be that there were no Kimchi pots on the table.

Cafeteria 鮭親子丼

Today I had 鮭親子丼 (Shake Oyako Don), which has salmon (鮭, Shake) slices and the roe eggs (イクラ, Ikura) on top of the rice in the bowl. We call those style 丼 (Donburi). So you can easily guess I had a seafood dish today.

During the meal, I talked with my classmates about my memory in Seoul. It was much fun to think back to the time in Korea. In addition, they were so interested in that I got the Chinese girlfriend. They asked me so many things :P

Now so far, I’ll write many thanks emails to the guys in Seoul and Beijing. I totally miss my friends and I’m very eager to stay connected with them. It’s really a nice age that we can keep in touch via Facebook, IM or some other things. Don’t you think so? I’m looking forward to their reply :D :D

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