Tuesday, November 23, 2010

School festival

There are two school festivals in the UT. One is in May, called May Festival. The other one is in Nov, Komaba Festival. These take place in the different places, and the former one is in Hongo campus, which locates in the central district of Tokyo. The latter one is, as the name shows, in Komaba campus near Shibuya.

Entrance to the Komaba Festival

In last three days from Sunday to today, the Labor Thanksgiving Day (national holiday in Japan), we had Komaba festival. Every year, we the music club run the chorus cafeteria named Tutti. We sing and sell cakes, tea, and coffee. The ordinary classroom turns to the small concert stage, and people enjoy our performance. Ah, at least for us you know, it is very tough to sing for several hours for three days in a row. But still, we try hard to give a good performance all the time, haha… Here I uploaded a video of the performance, enjoy :)

In the school festival, there are also other things to see. The people in the swimming club marches in the campus, which looks very cold. Many pop music bands give their performance in classrooms or on the stage outside. There are also some serious exhibitions and booths, like the model UN. Along the Gingko road in the campus, you can enjoy hotdogs, sausages, curry, and whatever… I saw the people selling Korean foods! You know, all the things in the festival are arranged by only students.

After the festival ended, I felt somewhat strange, because this will be the final school festival for me in the UT, as I’m thinking of going out somewhere for my grad school career. Ummm, I now a bit miss the festival mood in our campus.

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