Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Studying abroad

Last several days, I’m seriously thinking about studying abroad for my graduate school. Actually it’s not so common and not easy to obtain an admission from the grad school overseas, but it’s very exciting for me to try anyway.

Admission Letter for UT Grad School

At this time, as same as other classmates, I’ve been already admitted to the graduate school of the University of Tokyo, but I don’t feel like to advance. One reason is, my professor-in-charge is leaving school soon due to his retirement age, and no longer accepting any students further for his lab. In fact, I want to continue my research on information security theory (especially about declassification mechanism), but besides him, no other professors are studying in those field. The other reason is that I really want to broaden my vision to see the ‘world’. As long as you study only in Japan, you cannot know how competitive the researchers are doing all over the world.

So, the only way out is looking for a laboratory in other country. In fact it’s going to be, I think, a good idea not only for my academic career, but also for my personal experience. In Japan, school year starts in April and ends in March, which is different from the US system. So I’m graduating next March, and there will be 5 months of freedom, until the US school starts in September. What now I’m thinking of is taking part in the Facebook internship for 12 weeks. They offered me taking an interview for the intern, and actually I’m interested in that. So my plan for the next year going to be very busy, I guess LOL

Anyway, to be successful in my plan, I firstly have to complete my graduation thesis for my current degree.

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