Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two drinking parties for two days in a row

I'm drinking wine :)

I think most of the readers of this blog can easily guess that what happened to my life during my visit to Seoul last week. There’s nothing to hide for me. As I said before, I got the Chinese girlfriend, who is a senior student at the Peking University (PKU). You know, it is not usual at all in Japan to get either your boyfriend or girlfriend who lives in the different country than you. Yeah, we also think the same way; in the other words, we are kind of special.

In fact, our friends at school celebrated me for that yesterday and today. お好み焼き (Okonomiyaki)The party I had yesterday was with my old classmates, who spent our 1st and 2nd grade together. From very beginning to the end, we totally talked about me and her, even they let me to tell a hundred things that I like her for, I mean her good points. Amazingly, I came up with so much, more than I expected for the first. Now I’m very proud of looking for the good points of the person :D

And about today’s party, even more gathered in one place, mostly my current classmates, but also some of my coworkers at Google Internship in the last summer. Surprisingly, the teacher who is responsible for instructing my graduation thesis was also coming to the party. It was really a big party with eventually 22 people participating. I didn’t expect that much came to the party!! I really felt that I was being celebrated :)

Gathered at our building entrance.Drinking is very fun

One thing very funny today was that who arranged this party asked me which to drink I prefer. Then “wine”, I answered. So in today’s party, only bottles of red and white wine are served. No other drinks like beer, orange juice or any… As a result for that, some of who followed me to drink the same amount of wine went really badly on alcohol, even feeling like throwing up. Then I got to know I am really strong against alcohol as Japanese. I emptied one and a half bottles of wine at last. Later I heard that we as a whole, drank 19 bottles of wine by 22 people…

Anyway, finally I really thought that we were the best wished couple ever… the situation of me is really described as crazy for someone, maybe.

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