Thursday, November 11, 2010

Visiting a funny company

Yesterday I cut the classes at school, and instead I went to visit the office of the company named KAYAC Inc. Before continuing, I should note they are very funny. Yes, funny. I'm very serious that they are FUNNY. I got to know this company in a certain conference when I was working in Google. They were exhibiting their products at the event, and when I saw their booth with the signboard saying 「面白法人カヤック」 (saying “Funny Corporation, KAYAC”), it totally surprised me very much.

They deal with literally ‘everything’, for example, creating the mobile game applications, building social web sites, selling painting artworks and other various services; even they run the Donburi restaurant. Let me show some photos I took at the office today.

There are so many interesting (and even unbelievable) systems in the company. The first one is “Dice Salary” Can you guess what it means? It is the system that each employee throws a dice in front of all employees and you get a certain amount of your monthly pay based on the number you got on the dice. It’s totally random. No cheating – only up to the God. Another one is that for sometimes, people change their seats in the office to encourage the communication among. It sounds not so strange, but when you hear the seats is decided not by which team you are in, but by how tall you are, it's totally crazy, I think.

鶴岡八幡宮 (Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū)with my best friend

After we visited KAYAC, we also enjoyed the short trip around Kamakura. Since it's very far from my house, around 2 hours by train, it's my second time to see old temples around there. Ummm, it was a nice day even I did nothing on my school stuffs... :P


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