Friday, December 17, 2010


Yesterday I settled down at my friends house, and I'll be staying there until Dec 29th. Actually, he really loves drinking. Yesterday we had some 饅頭 for dinner, but even at that time, we also had a bottole of Korean rice and herbal alcohol despite we have something really need to do, hahaha. The alcohol itself, I think, is kind of a liquor, but not so strong. It said approx 14%.

He has a German exam today, so I came to Seoul National University (SNU) with him. He brought me to SNU Choir's Club Room. I'm staying there now and he left for his classroom, taking the exam... poor him :P

By the way, the city in Seoul is snowing today. Before I left Japan, I heard it already snowed in Korea. The scenery here looks similar to the northern city of Japan. The landscape in SNU drastically changed since the last visit. I'm seeing the same place, but it's really different. Look all around, and white! white! white!! Oh my gosh...

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