Sunday, February 27, 2011


[19:00] I’m now in the flight from Amsterdam to Paris, and I’ve just noticed that I made one mistake. I don’t have the way from the airport to the accommodation tonight. How can I get there…? Well it is no doubt a fact that the computer environment is getting more and more convenient day by day, but I also recognized that I should have bring a map printed on a sheet of paper instead. Like the offline feature of Gmail or Google Calendar, they should also provide Google Map Offline as well. Sigh……

[19:45] I landed on CDG Airport. The problem here is that I can’t read French. It’s a shame of me… very shameful because if my memory was correct, I enrolled in French course as a second language when I was a freshman. If I had been so a diligent student, I must have had a good French usage, but unfortunately not. The reality is always cruel to me.

[19:50] Thanks to that I cannot speak French, I got completely lost in the airport. According to the airport staff, I was in the line of security check for the Amsterdam transit. How fool am I!! By the way, there seems to be no free WiFi service in the airport. My disaster is getting bigger and bigger in this age.

[20:10] Got the baggage. Left the airport area. Heading for the railway. And… with my poor… English (not French obviously), I managed to buy a ticket from the airport to the center of Paris. But where is the station!?

[21:20] I ran into the RER train, and with two times of transfer, I finally got to the closest station to the hotel. A kind gentleman helped me figure out the way from the station to boulevard. Yes! I finally extracted the correct way from my vague memory, and got to the hotel!! What a big adventure!? But I win!!!!

[21:30] Ah…? Cannot connect to the Internet. WTF!?

[21:45] Suddenly, the wireless network accepted me. Phew… But for the next moment when I opened my suitcase, one of my handcream has been exploded during the flight I guess… and half my jacket and socks were deadly injured :( I may need to do a laundry tomorrow. The easy mistake.

[Now] Actually, this much troubling travel is the first experience. In addition, I'm already awake for nearly consecutive 24 hours. In Japan, it must be Sunday morning already. Ahhhh exhausted. I will go to bed soon. Good night!

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