Saturday, February 26, 2011

On Holidays

After all the univ staffs done, I finally got two weeks off from school. I’ve finished my work on grad thesis, gave presentation, done other stuffs. Yes, now the time to take holidays. This time, the destination is to France. I’ve never been to Europe except for the England, where I’ve been to in my high school days. The 4th time of my trip abroad, already somewhat familiar to fly overseas.

I’m now still on the way to Amsterdam, feel like being stuffed in the small cage… well economy. I will arrive at the airport in a next couple of hours. Already saw two movies, Inception and Sex And The City 2, kinda boring. I also talked with the neighbor, who is also on the grad trip with the friend. Their dest seems to be Spain. Ah, I’m quite surprised for the lunch was quite nice, better than ever. KLM may be a good choice.

Gonna see the movie The Social Network, the one I saw on the second day from its release in JP. BTW, I like this movie, it’s well organized and not too much exaggerated in term of the programmer.

I’m sooooooo bored…

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