Tuesday, March 29, 2011


On March 25, I finally graduated the University of Tokyo, where I majored computer science. The fact still doesn't come to my heart and I don't feel like I am no longer a student here, but it's fact. On that day, I got the diploma from the dean and in return I handed my student ID back to the administration.

When I entered UT, which was in 2007 spring, I don't know what would happen during my university life, but after all, I learnt many things. Those are not limited to the subjects I studied. I tried to set up a student community, I participated in a club activity, I worked at part-time jobs etc… But in general, they are all I experienced through out meeting vast number of people with various backgrounds.

Although the situation around me is not favorable in this difficult time, I think I need to look back what I gained and what I should challenge the next. Anyway, big congratulations on me!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Water & Gas

Water and gas are still out of service in my city Urayasu. As for electricity, we have scheduled blackout for 3 hours every day now. I heard my city is one of the most damaged areas in Tokyo. Other areas are much better and it seems nothing changed as before. I recognized how it is convenient that I can use water from faucet or flush WC with just pulling handle.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Earthquake Aftershocks

As you know, the largest earthquake hit the Tohoku (東北) area of Japan on Mar 11. Since then, we still have many aftershocks every couple of hours. Most of them are not so big ones. However the bad news is that the centers of earthquakes vary to places.

This is the prompt quake report from Japan Meteorological Agency of the earthquake happened 10 minutes ago. As you can see, at this moment, two different shocks hit Japan simultaneously. One is the quake from top-right corner of this map and the other is from the center. I've never seen this much of extreme situation.

For me living very near center of Tokyo, we are almost surrounded by quakes, and there is no wonder even if the strongest earthquake would hit the capital. In that case, I really don't know how should I do other than to be smashed.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Scheduled Power Outage

As you know, two of the reactors in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant have exploded due to meltdown, and the actual demand of electricity greatly exceeds the overall supply capacity without nuclear. Thus scheduled blackout will be conducted in Tokyo today, and the first blackout will start soon in next 10 minutes.

This blackout is carried out in turn on 5 groups. The group number will be assigned for each small districts in the city. My house is in Group #5 district, and the blackout starts today from #5 districts and lasts for 3 hours. I'm really not sure what will happen when it get dark.

Also the public transportation is out of service due to this scheduled power outage. Actually, it was scheduled first from 6 o'clock in the morning, but the demand didn't exceed the supply capacity, so that it was postponed till now. The blackout effects millions of people and those include some disabled people such as who require mechanical ventilator and other medical equipments to keep their lives.

Hope it will be done safely...


Me and my family are all alive. I've just got home from my trip abroad the day before. When the first earthquake occurred, I was still in France. After getting back, I realized how strong it was. Besides, we still have several aftershocks every two or three hours.

As for my city, gas and water supply stopped and therefore we experience various difficulties. We can neither take a shower nor wash hands indeed, and even WC is useless. In addition, electricity supply will have a scheduled outage due to a meltdown of the nuclear power plant.

Most of public transportation is also out of service today. I'm now thinking of going to school with 2 hours bicycle ride today. The environment in Tokyo is much better with electricity and water, I think.