Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Earthquake Aftershocks

As you know, the largest earthquake hit the Tohoku (東北) area of Japan on Mar 11. Since then, we still have many aftershocks every couple of hours. Most of them are not so big ones. However the bad news is that the centers of earthquakes vary to places.

This is the prompt quake report from Japan Meteorological Agency of the earthquake happened 10 minutes ago. As you can see, at this moment, two different shocks hit Japan simultaneously. One is the quake from top-right corner of this map and the other is from the center. I've never seen this much of extreme situation.

For me living very near center of Tokyo, we are almost surrounded by quakes, and there is no wonder even if the strongest earthquake would hit the capital. In that case, I really don't know how should I do other than to be smashed.

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