Tuesday, March 29, 2011


On March 25, I finally graduated the University of Tokyo, where I majored computer science. The fact still doesn't come to my heart and I don't feel like I am no longer a student here, but it's fact. On that day, I got the diploma from the dean and in return I handed my student ID back to the administration.

When I entered UT, which was in 2007 spring, I don't know what would happen during my university life, but after all, I learnt many things. Those are not limited to the subjects I studied. I tried to set up a student community, I participated in a club activity, I worked at part-time jobs etc… But in general, they are all I experienced through out meeting vast number of people with various backgrounds.

Although the situation around me is not favorable in this difficult time, I think I need to look back what I gained and what I should challenge the next. Anyway, big congratulations on me!

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  1. Congratulations, Yuto! I graduated SNU a month ago. Welcome to undergraduate world. You'll miss your life. kkk