Thursday, June 23, 2011

Starting New Project

I'm back! Last several months, I was seeking for the opportunity to get higher education at graduate schools in US, but it turned to be a failure after all. I also sought for the job opportunity as well, but it didn't go well actually. Mmm... the situation was all the same to six months ago (or even worse that I lost my precious time span in this age).

However, it's no use that I put myself in this miserable pessimistic situation. First of all, a failure to get admission or offer from schools and companies doesn't necessarily mean a failure to my future. I learnt some of my weaknesses in my attitude for them. Maybe I'll have a chance to make it better. In addition, perhaps I would think back about now in future that the choice I now made would have led to the another paths of my life, which would turned to be successful later. I always try to keep myself up to be optimistic. That's also the point to make myself feel good.

So now, I am working on the graph and category theory of mathematics. By nature, I'm not that good at theoretical things in math, but it's also the fact that I like them. Since my major interest in computer science are programming languages and computational theory, it's inevitable for me to study the theories.

My major objective as for now is to take part in one of the most popular conferences in ACM next year. It will be a long way to accomplish that goal, yes I know. But I will try, since I'm still a student :)

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