Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pray for my friend

Today, I said forever farewell to one of my best friends during the university life. He and me entered University of Tokyo in 2007 spring and joined the chorus club. We there sung for the same part, 1st tenor and later we both majored computer science as well. Since we were swimmers during high school age, we usually went to sports center nearby our building in afternoon without classes. He was the only friend for me who belonged to the same club and the same major, spending the longest time together.

About his character, he was totally unlike me, always quiet and quite well organized about everything. Every time I have difficult options in my life, he often gave me some ways out. Literally, he was just like air; he never want to show off himself in public, but at the same time, I couldn’t do without him.

On Thursday night, I first heard the news from my chorus buddy that he had passed away in the early morning but indeed I could hardly believe it then. I even thought the phone call was just a very bad joke. I wanted it to be. But yesterday, participating in viewing ceremony of the deceased, his death gradually became to the reality. Approaching the last of the ceremony, our chorus members were asked to sing one and I had to conduct the school song. I’ve never imagined that the day would come to conduct a chorus praying for his soul. After the song finished, I eventually couldn’t stand the situation and burst into tears. I was totally at a loss myself.

And finally today, his funeral took place. Buddhist priest came and mumbled long sutra. All the participants silently prayed for several times hoping for his peaceful sleep. At the last moment, I mean literally the last moment, his family put flowers beside him in coffin and I followed them. That was when I had to say goodbye to him in face to face. Although I was anxious to stay beside him for long, it’s really cruel that I had nothing to do other than say farewell.

Now I think back the time I spent with him. Many pieces of fun memory passed by in my mind and that deeply grieved me. I’m also wondering whether I really was a good friend for him who made him happy when alive. I strongly hope that he had thought of me as the best friend as I do. Let me pray for his peaceful sleep forever.

He is no longer beside me, but his memory always is.

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