School stuffs

I’m now at M1 student majoring computer science. My formal affiliation is:

Department of Computer Science
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
The University of Tokyo

My research area

A bit of a talk about the expertise. My interests in computer science are mainly in programming languages themselves. I’m now researching about the security characteristics of them. More specifically, my study deals with how the secure declassification can be accomplished.

Club activitiy

I belong to the Boys Choir in Music Club, named Chor Akademie. Sing within a chorus is kind of an experience I didn’t do since I was in an elementary school. Also in the last year, I was responsible for the practice in the group, being a conductor. It was much fun to build up the whole music from scratch :)

Where I work and worked

  • Sports Gym as Swimming Instructor
    On every Saturday, I’m teaching swimming to kids as an instructor at a local sports gym in my town. Well but sometimes it’s more like nursing or an elementary school teacher...
  • School Library as Librarian
    Since last April, I work as a librarian at my school library of Fuclty of Engineering. Organizing books on shelves, covering new books with plastic film, and sitting in the desk counter; those are my job, quite easy.
  • (past) Google as Software Engineer
    Through out the last summer, I went on an internship to Google for 8 weeks. I was in the engineering team of Google Maps. The days I spent there gave some new viewpoints to me, hehe :) Actually it was a first experience for me to work in full-time.
  • (past) Z-Kai Todai Master Course
    I worked at the supplementary school named Z-Kai. In Japan, we call "juku" which is very popular among students who aim to enter the high-ranked universities. I worked as a reviewer for the mathematics textbook for about a year.

Misc interests

You know, I love to try anything! Here are other things that I do on my free time.

  • Playing the Piano
    Not a good pianist at all. But I’ve been practiced for now 19 years! My favourite composers are Claude Debussy and Frédéric Chopin.
  • Tap Dance
    It is said that tap dancing is totally different from other kinds of dance because it performs not only dance but music at the same time. If you are good at feeling rhythms by whole body then you can enjoy it!
  • Cake Baking
    Yep, everyone loves tasty cakes! Me too. Usually baking cakes is easier than most people think as long as you wanna eat them. Pound cakes and Génoise are the easiest ones. Also in the Xmas, Bûche de Noël is the one I bake every year.

Where I’ve visited

I’m quite interested in travelling abroad. Here are where I visited before.

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(Last modified: Nov 7, 2010)